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"I have had a number of problems over the years including shoulder dislocations, severe back problems, and many many more. At FAST TRACK they were able to take care of all of them and get me back into a pain free state where I can play again. Thank You!"

- Chandler Sehlmeier #38

University of Utah Lacrosse, Salt Lake City

"As a professional ballet dancer with Ballet West for 11 years, my initial approach to training reflected the ways that had created the success that I already had. Little did I know how little I knew! I had specific muscle weaknesses that were causing knee problems as well as back problems. Thank you Kevin! Thank you George!"

- Annie Breneman

Ballet West

"I had knee surgery 5 months ago. Within a month of graduating from physical therapy with George, I was able to begin running longer distances on the trails again. Thanks to George and Fast Track for helping me recover from surgery properly so that I could confidently get back on the trails."

- Sandy White

Salt Lake City

"Fast Track helped get me back up and enjoy what I love to do in a short period of time. Their expertise in body mechanics was outstanding, and they were very helpful in helping me understand my injury."

- Kim Leung

Salt Lake City

"My teenage son has a condition called hemihyperplasia. After having surgery Cherianne not only worked with him to help him get full mobility back from the surgery but when an extra mile in helping my son gain strength and flexibility on the side effected by the hyperplasia."

- Sara S

Midvale, UT

"I had shoulder surgery two months ago. I've been going to FASTTRACK since they opened to rehab my shoulder. I am extremely pleased with my progress and recovery process."

- Beau Pearson,™

Ballet West

"I’ve been a marathon and ultra-marathon runner for the past 5 years and I have had a variety of running related injuries. These injuries also bring a great deal of apprehension with not knowing how serious the problem is and how difficult it is to heal from. Fast Track has helped me with nearly all of my injuries and I give him my strongest testimonial."

- Tom Zarembinski

Salt Lake City

"Fast Track was great! My son started seeing improvement after his first visit. He had spent two weeks working with a team trainer that just made things worse."

- Jaren

"Felt I was dealt with extreme efficiency and very knowledgeable information. Grateful for a good team of people. I have and will continue to recommend your therapy."

- Karen Brown

"You are always so friendly! I get the best care and feel like my recovery is very important. Thanks so much!"

- Angela

"The clinic was most friendly and professional. I would recommend everyone seeking physical therapy help to go here first and only."

- Dianne Montague

"I like that they don't use assistants; it is just one on one with the physical therapist. Also they are very positive and make you feel like you are making progress. Fast track physical therapy is definitely the best that I have been to."

- Jacob

"I felt that the apt. was very helpful and complete. I felt like I got my money's worth for the services. Thanks."

- Anonymous

"Excellent service."

- Cathy

"I appreciate you guys taking the time to see me, even though it was a simple, yet strange, injury. I am very grateful, and will refer everyone I can to your wonderful business."

- Ryan Judd

"Dr. Mecham is extremely knowledgeable and detail-oriented. She gives instructions and feedback clearly and concisely and you can tell she really cares about healing and strengthening her patients, and reducing their pain. After spending years in chronic pain I finally feel like there’s a chance for me to feel better."

- Leela R.

Our Goal

ASTYM Certified Sports Therapist
Our Physical Therapists are educated to the highest degree, including ASTYM certification, which is a highly recognized rehabilitation treatment program. ASTYM reduces scar tissue left behind from old injuries, allowing the patient to regain mobility, maintain activity, and simply heal faster.

Physical Therapy Insurance Coverage - Utah

Fast Track Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine takes almost all forms of insurance; however, in the unlikely instance we are not a preferred provider for your insurance company, or if you simply do not have insurance, then Fast Track Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is also willing to work out a private payment agreement or cash based services. We are committed to working with our patients to deliver the best treatment available, regardless of your insurance situation.

Announcing New Product Launch

Free Physical Therapy Assessments in Salt Lake City

If you are unsure a Physical Therapist can help, Fast Track Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine offers a free Physical Therapy assessment in Salt Lake City.  Due to the Direct Access laws in Utah, most patients do not need a referral from a doctor to see a physical therapist. When treated by a doctor, common ailments such as tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, and other stress injuries, are typically treated with pain medications and powerful steroid injections, when these ailments can actually be treated through physical therapy without the side effects of medication. Fast Track Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine will always look out for the patient’s best interest and will refer you to the appropriate professional if another outlet other than physical therapy would be your best option.


At Fast Track Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, you will always meet with a licensed Physical Therapist for each and every visit. Come in for a free assessment to determine whether your injury can be treated through physical therapy.


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